How An Ex-Mental Patient Snapped Out of
Aftershock The Moment He Unlocked

“The ULTIMATE SECRET Gateway to Astonishing Creativity, Deep Intuition, Perfect Health, and Total Well-Being”

Now You Can Rediscover A Thousands-Years-Old Scientifically Verifiable Secret That Numerous Successful People Unknowingly Used For Over Decades…And Easily Capture Wealth, Health, Power, Happiness … Everything … FASTER Than They Ever Previously Imagined Possible!


You are about to enter a world that could tremendously change your life. I promise. It is real.

You’ll feel like time and space has ceased to exist… you’ll find virtually every goodness automatically attracts to you faster than you can ever imagine.

How can I be so sure? Simple.

Because the information I’m going to share with you has changed my life. It can also change yours. And I’m going to show you how.

You need not to be spiritual or a genius. This neither belongs to oriental, nor western philosophy. It’s universal without taking side of any belief.

quote-montessoriThe raw power you’re going to get is more than the promises from all motivational stuffs combined. Yet I’m not going to tell you anything about motivational and positive thinking. Instead, I’m going to show you the real world method to unleash your hidden talent to GET EVERYTHING you want!

It’s not hocus pocus but pure SCIENCE. You just need to activate from your inner self, which is your BIRTHRIGHT.

Let me encourage you to pause a moment. Get comfortable and relax as much as you can. Breathe deeply…

Let Your Journey Begin…

journeyImagine that you want to get away from bustling life. You want to stay away from the distraction that blocks your ability to create a fulfilling life.
Then you hop into your car. Take a trip to unknown destiny. The scenery passes one by one. There’s no turning back now…

Your car slows down. Something divine is pulling it.
You find a green meadow. The grass waves at you. The air is fresh and crisp. And a light breeze gently invites you to stay. White clouds are scattered across a clear blue sky. It feels so good to be here.

You lie down on the soft, cool grass. It relaxes your body. A sense of peace and tranquility embraces you…

When you look up at the sky, it welcomes you with a drizzle. Little raindrops quietly touch your body… as if wanting you to take a stroll down a nearby stream.

And as you walk, you see a portal. It’s your passageway — the way to hidden realm where you find your answers. The way you never seek before…

Stepping into Realm of Your Expanded Mind

You walk through the portal. A lightness of being fills your body and mind. It flows up to your spine. And all tension is gone forever.

In split second, a long stretch of silvery white sand appears. You’re alone at a beach. The waves pound gently. The sound entrances you. Your mind becomes quieter and quieter, more and more peaceful. You’re deep into expanded realm of your mind.

You see a bright light shinning onto you. As you move closer, you become one with the light. There’s warmth here. And it’s protecting you… and protecting you…

quote-einsteinBefore you realize, time and space melts away. The universe pauses in your presence. The past, present, and future is shrinking and shrinking in your palm until it disappears. Your mind’s eye opens. It sees everything everywhere.

You have no worry and burden now. You found the eternal source to immense creativity, deep intuition, perfect health, and total well-being… that you never ever dream of.

The divine in you, whispers at you… Telling you, many wonders you can do to improve your life and others’… and show you how to do it.
You discover the way to heal broken relationship… No one has ever told you this before.

The blessing of creativity and intuition pours upon you… Shows you the road to ultimate satisfying life.

The warmth within eases your pain, and heals your wound. Your lifespan is no more defined by age. You are ageless.

Then… the inner world slowly dissolves. You awaken… but you remember everything. The power is in your hand.

And tears roll down on your cheek. You know… there is nothing you can’t do. There’s no dream you can’t achieve. There’s no star you can’t reach.

The hidden source finally shows you the key. And you know… you’ll carry this power with you, even if you’re not physically in this realm.

Does It Sound Like Fiction?

My friend, this is real. It gets so real that many people ignore it. The sages such as Carl Jung, Albert Einstein, and Winston Churchill had revealed its existence directly and indirectly. But not many people are paying attention. Most don’t realize it in their conscious mind.

quote-churchillEvery answer you want is hidden in your subconscious mind. And I intend to prove its existence to you scientifically… to help you recover it.

If truth needs to be told, I feel embarrassed writing this report for you. But you need it to BE FREE. So I’ll not hesitate to tell you who I once was.

Many years ago I had mental breakdown twice. You can call me lunatic. After recovery, I suffered Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). No medicine could help.

Worst still, shades of fear were haunting me. I was virtually uncontrollable physically and emotionally. It ruined my relationship with family and friends… just about everything in my path. It was like in hell!

Somewhere somehow I knew… A destructive energy still resided in my mind. It created many disturbances… expanding and waiting to erupt again.

One day, a friend introduced me to a scientist, Dr. William Lange.

He was conducting a research — to know why tribal people (far away from civilization… no hamburger… without electricity… without western medicines) are relatively more creative, more intuitive, wealthier, and healthier than we are. Interestingly there’s rarely (or none) mental illness in their secluded society. And they’re much much happier than us!

tribeIf you stay with them bringing nothing, you’ll feel like a stone-age caveman to them. Because you can do nothing to survive.

Further investigation led him to spiritual ritual that they practice everyday. Their shaman use herbal drugs and low rhythmic drumbeat to induce trance. The drugs could relax the body. And the sound eases the mind and restructures the brain to a higher level of functioning.

Imagine if these almost naked people come to our civilized world with their secret, they’ll have a leading edge over us! Because they’ve the power to overcome cultural difference and outshine us. And that is not without proof.

There were many cases where Spanish Conquistadors brought native Americans back to their homeland as slaves. After a while, the slaves were free of bondage. They blended too well into the society, and became distinguished rich people in the country.

Funny isn’t it? But it is true. The secret lies in the use of ancient power.

The Ancient Secret Finally Unveils!

Dr. William founded that the rhythmic sound matches the frequency in human brain. German scientist, Hans Berger first discovered this in 1924. And later confirmed by many other researchers.

The brainwave is classified into 4 types: Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. Different wave is produced according to different function in your brain.

What is interesting is that, many people experience the unexpected power in Theta and Delta states, as confirmed by many scientists.

Imagine the power you get once your brain switches to these stages of higher functioning… without drugs or ritual.

Your brain usually operates at Beta Wave State – Around 13 to 40 Hz.


  • Heightened concentration, and acute visual.

Your brain is at Alpha State – Around 7 to 12 Hz.


  • Your body and mind relaxes.
  • Your mind is reaching the gateway to creativity.

Once you enter the Theta State – Around 4 to 7 Hz.


  • Your creativity and intuition shoots through the roof.
  • You’re approaching the gateway to enhanced learning and memory.

The last state you’ll explore is Delta – Less than 4Hz.


  • You have magnetic memory and speed learning capability.
  • Remember and understand dreams vividly.
  • You see anything beyond time and space limitation. People thought you’re a psychic!
  • The power of speed healing and regeneration rushes into your body.

You will get these experiences from the expanded mind realm. And you’re able to retain the power.

I was once skeptical… until Dr. William conducted an experiment on me, and let me proved it by myself!

I am religious but I’ve my healthy doubt too. Then Albert Einstein’s words reminded me of his unsatisfying quest to understand the great mystery.

“Science without religion is lame,
religion without science is blind.”

It’s very true in this age of science. Religion does co-exist with science in harmony. When the mind’s sacred eyes are blinded, there’s nothing in religion a feeble mind can perceive… not even with the help of science.

Again, just like Albert Einstein had said…


“My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind”
Let me tell you how I turned from skeptic into a believer.

“No drug, no ritual?” I asked Dr. William.

“YES! It has already helped other guinea pigs.” He jokingly replied.

“Or you humiliate me in public.” his self-confidence was overwhelming.

Science Makes It Fast And Easy to Unleash The Power of Your Mind.

First, Dr. William with the help of audio specialist blended Alpha and Theta frequency with a soothing mother nature’s sound. He believes that man and nature is inseparable.

Then he wanted me to lie down on a bed in a quiet room. And he taught me a simple breathing exercise. I closed my eyes and relax as much as possible.

During the 90-minutes session, he played the audio beginning with Alpha wave. It was tough for me at first. A portion of my brain that processes logic, told me to resist.

Eventually, after 60 minutes, I lose control of my body. It was completely at rest. I felt like a sleeping baby in a warm cradle. The mind expanded and did not exist in my body anymore. I began to see and hear things that I never expected.

(By the way, the mind isn’t something that’s in the brain. It’s the life-force.) Let me continue my story…

At first, I saw Dr. William and his assistance. He was teasing, “Yep… like a sleeping beauty.”

Slowly and slowly I drifted pass the ceiling and through the roof. Then I saw a brilliant light shining onto me. I instantly knew what it is by instinct. As I entered it, phenomenal things happened.

I saw my past, present, future together without time and space limitation. It was like a movie-in-a-box.

The strange thing was that I could shape my future and see the result easily like playing Lego. When it didn’t match, the light would tell me many better possibilities. And whenever I let go my will to choose, it simply showed me the best answer.

That was strange, but the strangest thing had yet to come.

brain-mindAs I submitted myself freely to the light, I was transformed into light too… Full of creative healing power, peace and love. Fear and death didn’t exist. I knew what I should do to deal with my problems after I woke up.

But the nature pulled me out of self-seeking thought. It wanted me to reach out for other people I know. I saw their problems and needs. I saw what they had done and were doing. I knew what better thing they could do if they choose to listen.

It was an omnipotent feeling.

Then it was time… I took the power with me and slowly awaken.

According to Dr. William, my deep Theta state lasted about 15 minutes. But I felt like 15 years had passed. No instrument could measure this yet.

When I regained full consciousness, the first words came out from me… “Did you just say sleeping beauty, Doc?”

The Only Side-Effect You Have Is Life In Full-Circle

For 3 months, I had taken 12 sessions. And I saw tremendous change in my life. If you were I, you could enjoy your life in full circle like I’m having now.

Total Peace of Mind

No anger, hatred, depression, and stress, even when certain tough situation abuses you like a dog. Nothing can influence you! This is the most obvious benefit you can see.

Sometimes, people only need 7 to 8 sessions to see the result. If you’re truly open to it, you’ll feel the peace after just 4 sessions.

Immense Creativity

Handle all kinds of problem in life, relationship, and career instantly by your creative instinct. It works so well that you’ll be mistaken as genius!


Because the expanded mind experience in the light gives you the ultimate wisdom. It’s the collection of mankind’s knowledge and experience throughout the time, which was also coined by Carl Jung as “collective unconscious”.

Powerful Speed Healing and Regeneration

Your body becomes a consistent self-healing machine. Your inborn immunity system is activated… It diligently protects you against any disease every second… without pharmaceutical drugs.

When this defense system is activated, you’ll feel more alive and have more energy.As your friends age, you’ll start looking younger.

You can eat whatever you want without gaining extra ounce of fat.

X-Ray Perception And Omnipotent Mind

You can see and understand things, just anything, beyond physical limitations. No time and space can limit your expand mind.And you maybe able to forecast or predict future events with pinpoint-accurate details.

All whereabouts of anyone and anything is within your sight without you trying to find out.

The experience is so startling that people may say you’re a psychic.

Sound impossible?

Again, allow me to prove it to you with scientific evidences.

Laser-Focused Mind With Constant Peace And Zero-Stress State

Most people has weakness in managing negative emotions. And the lousiest advice I often heard is to have counseling with the professionals — For example, talk to the patients… hoping that they’ll open up their heart and let go anger, hatred, or depression.

Now, I don’t mean that it doesn’t work. I only mean that it isn’t the best. Most conventional methods deal with establishing positive thinking, and eliminating negative thinking. This doesn’t give the brain the proper needed rest.

The brain can only have true rest when there is no thinking.

Do you know why monks have super-clear mind? Have you ever seen a mentally ill one?

meditationFor thousands of years, monks had learnt that the only way to have peace is to meditate. They would do nothing, eat little, and think nothing. They knew that meditation always works.

But meditation is hard work and needs extreme discipline. If you pick this method, you may need to spend many years. If you need a faster and easier scientific way, the brain wave technology can help.

So, no more chit-chat. Close the eyes. Just listen to Alpha-Theta wave. Let the brain get used to it. And it will constantly work at that state where the mind is relaxed and in peace.

Scientists have found that the brain can still produce some amount of Alpha and Theta frequency, even when you engage daily activities. As a result, you’ll be more focused in your work. You can handle any tough situation calmly. You just need to train it. It’s very easy.

You Can Be A Genius By Creativity

I’m going to demystify the popular belief about Albert Einstein — Most people think that he was a genius.

Truth is, Albert Einstein was a genius by creativity. During that time, many distinguished people from the science community were surprised of his creative theory. The only convenient word to praise him was to call him a genius!

Even Albert Einstein admitted that…

“The secret to creativity is knowing
how to hide your sources.”
quote-jungHe was a creative genius… not a born genius, with all due respect. Besides, there’s no such person in the history.

What caused Albert Einstein to be extremely creative?

As a child, Einstein did not like traditional way of teaching. His professors did not think that he had a future. He cut class many times to learn physics by himself, and to play his beloved violin

Do you see it? — It was violin music that inspired creativity. The music coincidentally triggered Einstein’s brain into creative Alpha-Theta state.

Just a side note… As I wrote this report, I had no idea what made Einstein creative. I just knew his love for music because I had studied his life. Later I meditated on this subject and my subconscious told me the answer.

But the logic processor in my left-brain denied my subconscious. So I did some research and dig up many proofs.

Let me list out four of them:

  • In the 102nd Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, a group of psychologist and neuroscientist proved that soothing (low rhythmic) music improves development of spatial intelligence.

  • American Music Conference reported that preschoolers who studied piano performed 34 per cent better in spatial and temporal reasoning ability than preschoolers who spent the same amount of time learning to use computers.

  • Dr. Thomas Verny (author of The Secret Life of the Unborn Child) said that classical music played at a low rhythm of 60 beats per minute, provides an environment conducive to creative and intellectual development.

  • In two Stanford studies, researchers demonstrated that people with musical experience found it easier to learn language than the non-musicians do.

However, you need not learn music to gain creativity. In fact, scientists proved that music alone is not enough. The better and easier way — Listen to the right frequency that triggers Alpha and Theta state in your brain.

Automatic Speed Healing And Unlimited Regeneration

There’s a satire written by a Chinese historian. It said about a tyrant who spent his life searching for the ultimate herb of long life and perfect health.

Battalions of soldiers and families of 3 generations were sent across treacherous seas to Japan and Korea to search for the herb. This king had no love for his people. They were disposable. He just wanted his cure at all cost.

Many years passed… no news. When he took his last breath, he asked again for the cure. All imperial doctors told him to hang on, except one who revealed the truth, “There is no cure for your mind. But the cure is in your hidden mind.”

Notice these wise words, “The cure is in your hidden mind“.

In fact, for over 6,000 years, the Indians knew it, and practice Ayuveda until today. This is a form of mind and body teaching. They know the cause of today’s health problem. They know that most people are doing the reverse and seeking pharmaceutical drugs for cure.

The cause to all health problems is that, the energy of the mind is out of balance. When there’s unbalance, illness and disease breaks out. To be able to restore the balance, necessary amount of ‘vibration’ is needed, according to many ancient gurus.

chi-gongThe Chinese Chi Gong masters know this secret. Sufficient ‘inner-movement’ is the key to prevent every health problem. This understanding isn’t just a coincidence because we, the human race, have the same universal knowledge. Sadly, many of us wanted high technology and forgot our ancient wisdom.

This sounds absurd according to our logic and conscious mind. Let’s seek scientific explanation.

The ‘vibration’, ‘inner-movement’, or any similar word for any culture is fundamentally meant as frequency. The only invisible thing in our bodies that moves is our energy. To be able to use this energy (the mind power), our brains need to work at the right frequency — namely Alpha, Theta and Delta. It is like the engine of a car using the correct spark-plugs to generate energy that moves the wheels.

There’re some scientific discoveries you should know…

  • Delta brainwaves trigger the release of Human Growth Hormones. These speed up regeneration of new cells.

  • In deep Delta state, white blood-cell multiplies tremendously. Any invading bacteria or germ will be killed instantly.

  • Unbalance sodium and potassium ratio in our body causes fatigue. 5 to 15 minutes in Delta state could restore the ratio to normal level.

  • With proper training to harness the power of Delta brainwave, we are able to keep blood circulation flow freely in our body. The end result is, natural immune system without drugs.

Now, why on earth should we seek pharmaceutical drugs when we already have the cure in our body?

brainwaveWith the help of brainwaves, you can cut the long chase for the cure without learning Ayuveda and Chi Gong. Isn’t this sound good for you?

The explosive pure energy in you is buried deep inside. Only the right brainwave frequency could trigger its release.

There’s no coincidence — many holy scripts say that human being is a spiritual-being. The scientific way to explain it is, we are all energy-beings. But this energy in us is intelligent. It knows how to absorb other forms of passive energy to prolong its existence. This affects our bodily health and life-force. And it also gives us super-mind ability. Read the next paragraph…

Everyone Has Psychic or Super-Mind Ability

Believe it or not, this is neither magic nor witchcraft.

If you check the history, many spiritual fathers discovered this ability. They knew the way to tap the divine power. Probably, they were afraid of public scrutiny and denied it openly. Besides most followers lacked understanding in this matter. Therefore, the society did not allow this seemingly unconventional wisdom.

mindYou need not hold any particular beliefs about spirituality, or anything else in order to be psychic. No special rituals are necessary.

Contrary to what some people might tell you, using psychic or super-mind ability is not something reserved for a few selected talented individuals. It does not make a person go crazy, nor does it require having near-death experience!

Instead, these abilities are part of our inherent nature from the beginning of time.

Lots of misunderstanding in the past was due to lack of knowledge. Imagine, what would ancient people respond if they found a helicopter flying over their huts? You can guess better than I can…

I hope with the help of science, many mysteries are unveiled one by one in due time! Your ear can hear, your eyes can see beyond physical realm.

With that said, allow me to show you the proof…

Einstein’s equation, E=MC2

particleIt tells us that all matter is energy. Physicists have proven that metal, plastic, wood and everything else that appears as solid is actually group of molecules. It further breaks down into subatomic particles of energy. So, our bodies, brains and life-force are just energy.

Not only that. All energy is nonphysical in nature And it cannot die. It can only transform into other form. The characteristic of it is infinite.

In fact, physicists had once performed an experiment. They had isolated the smallest particles of energy and examined them in sealed chambers. The particles remained in constant motion until they eventually fell to the bottom of the chambers. They appeared to be dead. But later these particles bounced back with a new size, new weight and different pattern of motion.

So what does this also mean to your health and your life-force?

When you choose to use this hidden transformational power, time and space has no effect on it at all. You can easily replenish it when your life-energy is low… like drinking water. You can increase the energy level to boost your health and have ageless body. Bottom line is, energy cannot die. It has the ability to absorb other energy forms such as sound and heat for its existence. And those energy is free everywhere. You just have to know how to tap it.

Here’s the interesting part you wouldn’t miss!

When your brain reaches Theta state, you’re in expanded mind dimension.

chakraYour mind that is also the immense energy from your brain and other parts of your body transcends into the different realty without physical limitation. The form has changed. It has the nature of the light. And it’s non-local… meaning that it is omnipresent.

When you’re in this intelligent form, you can actually travel into past and future. You can observe anything anywhere. And in the process, your mind can discover miraculous truth about yourself and others. It offers creative solutions to problems.

Many scientists have concluded we have the technology to measure such energy. But we’ve yet to be able to detect the full energy spectrum of it.

Albert Einstein and leading scientists believed that, once we have the complete technology, we could even discover entire new worlds including alternate realty and parallel universe!

This field of science still has many uncharted areas. It’s a common knowledge among scientists that most people rarely use more than 10% of their mental capabilities. But now, with the discovery of the use of Alpha and Theta waves, you can easily access the mysterious 90% of your mind that is unused.

You are be able to open exciting, new realty. It’ll give you ultimate sense of freedom, if you open yourself to it.

So are you open to it?

I hope so, because I’m excited to tell you more!

The next verifiable proof is unquestionable the strongest of all.

Even CIA Can’t Deny Psychic Capability

CIAOne feat of expanded mind is the ability to see things at distant without being physically present. The common words to describe this is — Remote Viewing.

For over a decade, the CIA spent millions of dollars a year in remote viewing to spy on Russian during the Cold War. Project Scanate, Project Grill Flame, Operation Sun Streak, and Operation Stargate were declassified for the public.

It is reported that the CIA got very conclusive results. Remote viewing had revealed hundreds of military targets and verified by satellite imagery.

The Stanford Research Institute (SRI) had also conducted numerous experiments on remote viewing, in conjunction with the CIA. They found that all psychic and almost all non-psychic test participants could remote view, with amazing accuracy.

The Indians have been traditionally doing remote viewing for thousands of years. It was just recently in 2004, their intelligence agency used remote viewing to pinpoint exact rebel militants location.

These are evidences of the power of expanded mind. But this power isn’t limited for military use or abuse. Successful people from all professions tap its power… yet many don’t realize it scientifically.

Success Is Connected To
The Power Of Expanded Mind

  • The definition of genius is that it acts unconsciously; and those who have produced immortal works, have done so without knowing how or why. The greatest power operates unseen.

    — William Hazlitt

  • I know when I have a problem and have done all I can to figure it, I keep listening in a sort of inside silence ‘til something clicks and I feel a right answer.

    — Conrad Hilton

  • When you suddenly see the problem, something happens that you have the answer—before you are able to put it into words. It is all done subconsciously. This has happened many times to me, and I know when to take it seriously. I’m so absolutely sure. I don’t talk about it, I don’t have to tell anybody about it. I’m just sure this is it.

    — Barbara Mc Clintock

  • Nobody ever arrives at a very big idea through a conscious, rational thought process. It comes from your unconscious.

    — David Ogilvy

  • The conscious mind may be compared to a fountain playing in the sun and falling back into the great subterranean pool of subconscious from which it rises.

    — Sigmund Freud

  • The possibilities of creative effort connected with the subconscious mind are stupendous and imponderable. They inspire one with awe.

    — Napoleon Hill

  • All day long the door of the subconscious remains just ajar; we slip through to the other side, and return again, as easily and secretly as a cat.

    — Walter de la Mare

  • The unconscious mind of man sees correctly even when conscious reason is blind and impotent.

    — Carl Jung

  • Every evening, write down the six most important things that you must do the next day. Then while you sleep your subconscious will work on the best ways for you to accomplish them. Your next day will go much more smoothly.

    — Tom Hopkins

  • He then learns that in going down into the secrets of his own mind he has descended into the secrets of all minds.

    — Ralph Waldo Emerson

The power is within your grasp. Let me tell you one more secret that most successful people have and do not realize it…

The Power To Know The Future

By saying this, the power to know the future is not just about prophesying, although some people have this ability. Most people have the ability to forecast their own future via dreams or ‘gut-feeling’. They can choose to use this information, and do something to change it. This is not set in stone, which is unlike prophesying.

psychicThe PSI Communications Project at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, formerly the Newark College of Engineering, has been researching this phenomenon called precognition since 1962.

The result showed that executives, who made more money than the rest, were able to guess the number 43% more accurately.

But that’s not all. Executives who guessed the number more accurately, had dynamic personality.

So it has come to conclusion that people who have developed their intuition and precognitive ability could attract better jobs, create successful businesses, and be loved by most people.

Imagine you focus your energy to develop this ability…

All goodness easily attracts your career, business, relationship, and virtually every aspect of your life. And if you use this power to help the less fortunate, you’ll have an extremely satisfying life!

More Proofs To Blow Your Mind

You’ll get to learn more extraordinary case studies. I’m going to tell you 3 strange things that a normal-thinking person can never expect. These stories are so real that most people would think it can only happen in magical world. It’s understandable, but you be the judge.

Does These Happen to You Before?

  • Did you ever make the best decision according to gut feeling?
  • Did you ever have that ‘deja vu’… you feel that you already had been in certain frame of time and space before?
  • Did you ever have dreams or premonition that saves lives?
  • Did you ever say or do something that saves or helps other people greatly… and you’re not conscious of it?
  • Did you have a talent that can’t be explained genetically? For example: You accidentally activated a sick person’s subconscious mind for self-healing, and yet others ridiculed you as bogus spiritual healer…

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you’re not alone. You’re not mad. Because everyone has the super-mind power. Many just don’t know how to recover it.

By the way, forgive those who mock you. Have pity for them because they miss the great power in them.

I’ve spent 15 years in scientific research and practice with Dr. William Lange. Along the process, I’ve improved the original method 10 times better.

Here’s a friendly warning —

Most people who use brainwave audio for the first time, cannot succeed. This isn’t like popping in vitamin pills and wait for something to happen.


mind-controlBecause they need extra care from qualified practitioner who truly understands brainwave technology, and the scientific truth of subconscious power without meddling difficult spiritual issue.

Side note: Spiritual issue is subjected to personal belief or mindset at conscious level. I won’t teach your anything about it, even if you choose to be spiritual. I’m just a plain practitioner of science… to people who want to experience the subconscious power. Nevertheless, if you choose to dogmatize your experience according to your spiritual issue, it’s fine to do so.

So let me stop a moment and ask you one more time.

  • How would you like to be able to access the subconscious power anytime you choose?
  • How would you like to be able to capture wealth, health, power, happiness, and everything that’s rightfully yours… by channeling the subconscious energy to you — simply by willing it?
  • How would you like to have all of the above and do not need to figure it out by your own?

Your Gateway to Unlimited
Subconscious Power

If you want that kind of power, all you need to do is download the Hidden Mind Power Discovery.

  • Download a set of 2 specially recorded audio files titled — “Ocean of Creativity” and “Wind of Peace”. These audios bring you to new height of creativity and relaxed mind state.
  • A BONUS guide “Mind Power” showing you, step by step, exactly how you can prepare your mind for the greatest journey it will ever undertake — the ultimate journey to a place where time and space do not exist in the way we currently perceive them.

You absolutely have the power and ability to expand your awareness when you’re in such an altered state of consciousness. And the more you work with my proven techniques, the better you’ll be — Total Peace of Mind, Immense Creativity, Powerful Speed Healing and Regeneration, X-Ray Perception and Omnipotent Mind.

Plus… you’ll get a special bonus access to “Extreme Achievement Audio Series”. I never want to release this because most people cannot unleash the power FAST without the basic training. With this collection of pure audio, you can easily get these…

  • Extreme Creativity
  • Extreme Speed Learning Capability
  • Extreme Deep Meditation
  • Extreme Mental Refresher
  • Extreme Mind Travel
  • Extreme Lucid Dreaming

You can find these “speed-release” products on the market. And each audio will cost you at least $30. But you get these free from me.

Here’s a warning… If you find such products in the market without the label — “For Advanced User Only”, I encourage you to avoid it. Because I’ve conducted too many experiments — most people cannot achieve “speed-release” without undergoing basic training. I just want to honest with you!

I would be glad if you could just send me your feedback so that I can personally improve the audio. There’s nothing to lose! It doesn’t get any fairer than that.

And just consider this — what if this really does give you the power I claim it does? What if it truly does hold the answers you’re searching for? What if it really is all that I say it is… and you don’t download it?

If you have a gut feeling that this may be for you, then that is your higher self talking to you. Trust your hunch and get your copy today. It’s time to take back your mind. And prepare to get blown away!



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Hidden Mind Power

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