escape-paradise-dreamEveryone has dreams. And dreams are chock full of allegories and symbols. By journaling about the patterns of symbols and allegories within dreams, you can inspire yourself and others you help by translating the dreams.

A helpful tool for dream interpretation is a dream dictionary, even though it is based on the author’s experiences and can be misleading at times. But as a basis for interpretation and to help you develop your own translations, it can offer insight.

Basic areas of focus common in the majority of dreams are: you, a featured location, a specific scenario, a targeted action, certain people within the arena or playing field, certain objects and some type of result. The entire sequence, especially the end, is most often not remembered when the dreamer awakens. However, if you try to jot down what you remember upon awakening and fill in the blanks – journal about them, you can help interpret your dreams and those of others.

Divide and Conquer

To interpret your dream, take the notes you’ve jotted down about your dream immediately upon awakening. They may be out of sequence and appear somewhat distorted, as if you were in a Twilight Zone episode. List the main elements of focus in order below, and then divide up the elements that appeared in your dreams and fit them into the same schematic in your journal:

  • You
  • A Featured Location
  • A Specific Scenario
  • A Targeted Action
  • Certain People Within The Arena Or Playing Field
  • Certain Objects
  • Some Type Of Result

dreaming-tree-faceOnce you have the main elements outlined, as above, put the pieces of your story together, just as you would a puzzle. Conquer your dream and interpret its meaning.

For handy reference, here are some common dream interpretations to help put your puzzle pieces together.

Significance of Colors

  • Red – generally means anger or passion
  • Pink – healing power of love
  • Black –fear of aging or death
  • Grey – confusion, fear
  • White – fear of change or death
  • Green – healing
  • Blue –sadness.
  • Yellow – hope

Significance of Numbers

  • One – unity
  • Two – equality
  • Three – unity or fulfillment
  • Five – change (positive or negative)

Significance of Objects

  • Accident – fear of break down, mental or physical
  • Awakening – open to something new
  • Brother – strained relationships
  • Climbing – new goals
  • Desert – loneliness
  • Door – opportunity
  • Eating –nourishment, care
  • Falling – loss of control
  • Jumping – going for higher goals
  • Ladder – growth
  • Military – authority
  • Rain – depression

Consult dream dictionaries for more common interpretations.