The subconscious mind is actually the changing state of the dormant brain. And every state uses different wave frequencies ranges.

First, how do we know that the state can be measured by wave frequency?

In 1924, German scientist, Hans Berger, was the first to revolutionize Electroencephalogram (EEG) or brain-wave test. This test measures the tiny voltage-fluctuations from the brain. The intensity of it is defined by the wave pattern which is also the frequency.

Today, scientists have found that human brain usually operates at active ‘Beta wave’ state. The frequency is usually around 13 to 40 Hz. This is associated with heightened concentration, and acute visual.

Where is the subconscious mind and when does it happen?

The subconscious mind becomes dominant when the brain wave slowing down through three frequencies ranges:

ALPHA WAVES – Around 7 to 12 Hz:

When people rest (not sleep), relax, or meditate, Alpha wave pattern could be found from the brain. It gets more stable when eyes are close.

This state is also considered by many as the ‘gateway’ to creativity and genius. People who’re induced to this state are going to access the wealth of creativity that lies just below the conscious awareness.

Speaking of genius, believe it or not, it is not always inherited by gene. It is the result when the brain is nurtured and trained to work at Alpha and Theta stage.

THETA WAVES – Around 4 – 7 Hz

Whenever people enter this stage that is directly on the threshold of ‘subconscious’ sleep, they often experience a ‘heavenly’ rest with no worry but all bliss. This activates the hidden intuition. They are receptive to information beyond normal conscious awareness. They become extremely creative.

Theta has also been identified as the ‘gateway’ to learning and memory. This kind of meditation enhances learning, and awakens extrasensory perception.

DELTA WAVES – .Close to 0Hz to around 4Hz.

Delta waves are found in a deep sleep state or deep meditation. Creativity and intuition is further strengthened. Long lost memory will be recalled. Sometimes, people can remember past dreams vividly. The subconscious part of the brain is fully in force without the clutter of external interference.

This is also when the healing of damaged cells gets faster. In fact, recent researches reveal that Delta waves trigger the release of Human Growth Hormones. This is beneficial to healing.

It is also report that in this state, the brain cells reset the sodium and potassium ratio. After an extended period in the Beta state, the ratio between potassium and sodium is out of balance. This results in mental fatigue. About 5 to 15 minutes in Theta state can usually restore the ratio to normal level.

And there’s truth in it. Because the monks have been using deep meditation to recover from injuries and fatigue faster for centuries!


As the brainwave patterns slow down from Beta to Alpha to Theta to Delta, it is reported that the two hemispheres of the brain correspond in synchronization. This simply means that every part of the brain is in full harmony.

Finally there’s a scientific truth! — The slowing down of brainwave pattern is accompanied by satisfying rest, creative insight, moments of genius, and faster healing. That is no doubt the subconscious mind is at work. And there’s nothing mysterious about.